Monday, November 15

Weekend(s) Update

 I have been behind with the events happening outside my kitchen.. so here is a quick update:

Halloween came and went in Almunecar (some amazing sunsets as well), except for some amazing decorations that my friends and family gave me! My roommate was pretty impressed and slightly scared. We now have a glow in the dark ghost on our fridge. It is the only decorations that I have added to our piso. Ghosts, fake petals and candles are our decor style.

 For Halloween, I was actually in Barcelona visiting Ana and Albert (Ana is the "favorite daughter" in our family). We explored the city: the beach, a castle, the Olympic Village, learning lots about Spanish food and experiencing a Catalan BBQ. Which mainly involved meat but there were some tasty veggies: green grilled asparagus with a tomato dip and grilled artichokes. I LOVED those - bought one today to see what I can do with it. If any of you were wondering about my album "Weekend of Meat" on facebook, the title was inspired by that BBQ.

While in Barcelona, I was lucky enough to get to go to a real Spanish soccer (futbol/football/etc) match. Barca v Seville. Most of the players from the World Cup Spanish team play for Barca and so it was like watching royalty! I got to see lots of yelling, swearing, some confetti and also some people dressed as Where's Waldo. I was told that I witnessed one of the best games of the season. Barca won 5-0 and had possession of the ball 75% of the time. While I didn't understand/see all that happened on the field, I can understand numbers!

The next weekend, I received my first visitors in Almunecar! Barb and Ted from Jaen came down for the weekend and we explored numerous tapas restaurants, the gardens, the castle view and a very British bar (got two rounds of Strongbow/Guinness for free - thanks Michigan!). My roommate and everyone had a great picnic on the beach of bocadillos (sandwiches) with lots of veggies. 

Now for the past weekend: Molly from MN came to visit (via London where she is living) and I got to explore even more of my city, then head up to Granada and Malaga. It was a hectic weekend filled with traveling, LOTS of tapas, drinks, people and tourist sites. Despite everyone telling us that the Alhambra line would be crazy, and maybe it was because we woke up so early, but the ticket seller was sitting there waiting to sell US tickets! Lucky eh? We also went to a flamenco concert after the Alhambra - busy day. But sadly, my camera battery died while trying to take pictures of some cats at the Alhambra, sooo no pics of flamenco (or the gatos)!
Having guests in Almunecar made me appreciate my location better: the sun, the air and also how cute everything is. Even after just a month, I have already began to take my new home for granted. For the past month, Almunecar has just been a place to sleep, to walk to school and try to avoid your students when having tapas.   We'll see what the next month brings...

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