Sunday, November 28

Thanksgiving Spanish Style (aka Late)

It's a-cookin' - One friend said this was the Guantanamo Turkey
I had to tie it up a bit to fit it in the oven.
 First off: I COOKED an entire TURKEY!

It fit in the oven, I got a How-To guide from my family and the dinner turned out delicious!

Here is the back story: One late night about three weeks ago, after eating lots of tapas with some co-workers, someone decided to have a Fin de Semana Gastronómico. I suggested we do it Thanksgiving weekend and I started weekend off by making a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. This included mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (Thanks Amy!), stuffing, cranberry relish, corn, banana-chocolate cream pie and for an appetizer: Fried Turkey Spam. It was good... but many were somewhat scared of the mystery meat. But the ingredients were fairly normal: White Turkey, Turkey broth, modified potato starch, some chemicals...
The directions said to "Squeeze until it Pops and the Spam will slide right out"
 The hardest part was getting the turkey, then discovering it still had some feathers in it. So I got up close and personal with the turkey and plucked it with some tweezers (because that is all we had). The turkey and I are (were?) best friends by the end of it.

Well I guess the hardest part was finding a meat thermometer, which I never did find, but I was able to practice my Spanish (even though I still cannot say thermometer in spanish- but it kinda sounds like "tell-mom-I-throw").

No pumpkin pie (gonna make that no bake pumpkin pie later)-
 but banana cream with chocolate and rum. 
It was my coworkers first Thanksgiving dinner and my American (and one Spanish) friends from Malaga came bringing some sides and rum. Even though we did not eat at 2pm and didn't watch football afterwards, I thought it was a success.

The next day my coworkers used the leftovers to make Turkey Fajitas (inspired by my mom's turkey enchiladas), and today I am going up the mountain to eat at another house. I'm going to be eating rabbit: Scary... I'm sorry Thumper.

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  1. good. that said, your thanksgiving dinner looks incredible. i'm jealous of your whole turkey.