Monday, October 10

Wisconsin in Spain

One thing I love about Sevilla is that I am constantly suprised by what I run into here.

Last week I was walking to the train station from my house (takes about 15 minutes) to go to Cordoba. I saw three drag queens (one looked like a shaved caveman in a jean romper with a lovely pink purse... the other two were fairly standard), one bus of tourists, lots of spanish people and a man decked out in his karate suit with a black belt. But by fair, my favorite was the motorcycle gang. It was as if Wisconsin teleported itself to the streets of Sevilla. Six Harleys, 3 handlebar mustaches, lots of leather and noise. Turns out there was a Harley Davidson convention at the Hotel Macarena. Sadly, I was unable to go there and get one of their tshirts- maybe next year!

It also made me crave some Jalapeño Beer Cheese soup.

In other news, I have started working again as an Auxiliar. My first day of work there is a school wide test, so I get to sit in the Sala de Professoras (Teacher's Lounge) and see if any teachers want to speak English. Then tomorrow I get to work in the Elementary school. Time to research paper maché!