Tuesday, December 4

Pre-New Year Resolution

For the past year, I have let this blog sputter to a standstill. Sorry everyone! But here is a quick, quick recap of the past year:

- I moved to Sevilla to split my time between two public schools: a high school and elementary school in the center of the town. While I was lucky with the location, the schools were nothing like I.E.S Al-Andalus.

- Sevilla was full of auxiliares and younger people, I was able to meet many new and interesting people. Through them, I discovered more about Andalucia, it's traditions and it's fairs: I especially love the Feria de Mosto in Umbrete for its free Mosto and olives. Then the classic Feria in Sevilla, full of carriages, horses, flamenco dresses (which I have one!). It is also very different from the Feria in Jaen, my first feria.

- Spent the summer in Spain to see how deadly it could be, and surprise! I survived. However, if you went out at 3 pm in August in Sevilla, the city did look like the zombie apocalypse happened, but it wasn't too hot. To escape the heat, I traveled around the coast, discovering new beaches and cities. The Summer Olympics did save me from a lot of boredom and I even attempted some synchronized swimming skills in the water... didn't really work but there is always next summer.

- In September, I started a 5 month professional pastry chef course at a local hospitality school in Sevilla.  It has been an adventure. Learning how to make crema inglesas, croissants and various typical Spanish desserts. It is almost over and I am somewhat glad. Hopefully I will be able to find a job afterwards.

Anyway, my time in Spain is coming to an end. So I will try to take advantage of it and share it with everyone. Unfortunately, I am again without oven (just means I have to travel to the oven!), but I will post my culinary adventures here.