Saturday, September 25

In 48 Hours...

... I will be starting my journey to Spain. It still doesn't feel real. I still have alot to do such as pack, clean my room, find some money and cook my parents a thank you dinner tonight. 

Last night I spoke to this man at the Kitty Kat Club and he pretty much said I would not be a good teacher because I "did not study under the tutelage of an ESL/EFL teacher for the past three months." But since then, I learned from Paco (the coordinator for the bilingual program at my school - it's its first year doing this!) my main job is just to speak English to the students (who are 12 years old) and also help the teachers practice it. I might get to help teach PE, Music (I pity them... my singing is pretty bad but my recorder skills are the bomb), Science, Math and of course, English.

The fact I received an email from my school does make this a bit more real in my mind. And if Almunecar is a bit too small, many of the other professors live in Granada which is about an hour away (by Paco's calculation). So who knows! I might move there and away from the beach. But that is a decision for later.

Now I must get back to my vague planning, watching bad TV, data entry and answering phone calls at the Museum. My last day working here, and I am happy I will miss out on the next special exhibit because from what information we have now, reservations is going to be crazy complicated.  

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