Monday, September 27

Airport Song and Dance

My brain is tired already and I've only been "traveling" for two hours. My first flight is already delayed to NYC by an hour (thankfully my connecting flight to Malaga isnt until 7pm... will stress about that later). I am still staying positive and this flight will get off in time and I will have time in NYC to make my narcissistic powerpoint presentation about me and MN and also still have the energy to study verb conjugations on the overnight flight. Or watch an insane amount of movies and therefore not sleep... but FREE movies that you have control over. I really hope each seat has their own screen. Maybe I will be able to play tetris or some trivia game too- I'm excited.

The Last Night
Last night was my breakdown, where it finally hit me that I am moving to a country where I can barely speak the language, the closest person I know is several hours away and that there is going to be a General Strike throughout all of Spain the day after I get there. Hopefully, I will not have to travel much on that day. But I am going...

My dad said something interesting at breakfast the other day: I began my habit of "starting over" way back in 6th grade when I decided against going to Ramsey Jr. High School where everyone else at my elementary school was going. Instead, I went to the far east side of STP (which I had never been over there before) to Cleveland "Quality" Middle School. Then I kinda did it again for high school, then London for Uni and then transfered to Toronto. It isnt the most comfortable thing to do, but I guess it is a habit I cannot quit. However, I think this move has been the hardest. 

I was quite impressed that I was able to pack everything I wanted into my two suitcases, even though one of them is slightly larger than I had planned. (I have to thank Annie specifically for helping me organize- without her I might still be in the middle of my room with clothes piled up on all sides.) I have some interesting materials about MN, some games, these crazy flyers about animals and some other random things. It was alot of fun going through all of our old games, toys and books; looking for  things that could possibly interest 12 year old Spanish kids.

The Dream
When I first found out that I was teaching in Almuñécar, I had this crazy dream about my arrival there. In the dream, I was somehow magically transported to the city (without planes and heavy luggage- but I still had all my belongings). There I met my principal and it turned out that I would be living in his guest house. If you have seen a map of Almuñécar, you will notice a pennisula to the west of the city, where I believe the fortress is. In my dream, that was where his house was. It was just beautiful- white walls, bright blue sky and water, palm trees, lots of colorful flowers and an amazing patio that connected the guest house to the main house. I was so excited to be near the water, I ran straight down to it.

To get to the beach and we had to pass a house full of, what appeared to be, American college students. Then the danger started! There were a bunch of snakes and jellyfish on the beach, ones that are hard to see and of various sizes... but most were big. Despite being invited into the American house for dinner, I could not get there and I couldnt get back to the guest house either. I woke up right after I looked down to see a giant snake wrap around my leg. 

Scary... Hopefully that wont be what happens when I get there in about 16 hours. 


  1. Hey Carly, I understand where you're coming from. My first year I didn't know much Spanish, the only person I knew was my future co-worker, and freaked out about my decision. Though I can't say that i had crazy dreams before I left, I was also nervous. YOU WILL BE OKAY. You'll quickly make friends and once you get past that you'll feel much better. As for the Spanish,don't worry. I don't know much about your location but Costa del Sol is also Costa del english-speaking retirement community. Drop me a line if you need anything.

  2. I can say with almost 100% certainty, that you won't be eaten by a snake when you arrive in Spain. And you'll be just a couple hours plane ride from me and all the people you know here! So if you really need to see a friendly face, there are options. That said, I'm sure once you get there you'll be too busy and excited to worry. That's what I've found so far. Let me know when you arrive!