Friday, September 16


Spain is a land of smells... many different smells (also the light at night is amazing). Now for my walk from Teacher Class to Home in Smells

Freedom is what I smell as I exit the school, Freedom and hot asphalt from the street... even though its 8pm it is still 40 degrees Celcius (104 in F)

Our journey up C/ San Eloy has blasts of AC and new clothes, makes me want to shop. Finally we reach BK and their fried hamburger patties and french fries... my stomach reminds me how hungry I am.

As I passthrough the plaza with the Mushrooms the odor changes from offputting gasoline to new shoes all with a lovely amonia undertone from former botellónes and dogs who have passed by. (My hungry dissapears) 

Calle Regina is always an adventure with sights, sounds and smells. Fresh paint from a construction site (wonder what store will be there), incenses from the Middle Eastern store, strong cologne from Spanish men passing by and then stale beer from the tapas bar around the corner from my house.

I'm at my door and as I open the door, I get a blast of cold air and dust. I am home. Now three flights of stairs to climb up.

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