Saturday, August 27

The Summer End

The Minnesota State Fair started yesterday and I missed it. Why? Because I was on a plane (delayed 3 hours on the jet way and then we thought it would crash due to the INSANE turblance) to Spain and 24 hours later, I am now sitting in my hostel, looking for pisos, eating kebab and watching the street (talk about multi tasking).

A lot has happened the past two months, it was fun summer: learning new things, hanging with old friends, and finally cleaning up my room.

As stated in my last post, I worked as a baker for an English Language Camp. It was alot of fun, I got to set my own hours, bake yummy things, eat yummy things and hang out with cool coworkers and also the campers. This year in Sevilla, I hope to find a baking or cooking class to do... and maybe I will finally go ask a Panderia if I can work there for free and show these pictures as proof of my skills:

I hope to go back to camp next year as well. It barely felt like a job because it was so much fun. A bit boring at times, bit now I can think of better things to do with my spare time there.

After camp, I came back home for just 10 days. It was a whirl wind of cleaning/packing my room, shopping with my sister and mom, hanging out with my beautiful little nieces, eating out way too much and generally experiencing Minnesota in the best ways: with friends and in good weather. It was really hard to leave Minnesota this year but I will be back soon.

Now in Sevilla... it feels like I never left Spain (that was my exact thought when I was sitting in the Madrid bus station while drinking a cafe con leche). So far I have been lucky, got a ride from the bus station with a friend and I JUST received one call back on a piso! Tomorrow is more piso hunting, homework doing and sun soaking.

Things are looking up this year. I'll miss you, Minnesota!

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  1. This year will be fabulous! Can't wait to visit you in Sevilla and, if you're feeling a hankering to bake again, you can make me baguettes any day. :-)