Monday, April 25

An Ideal Monday

On an Ideal Monday, I would wake up at 9 am (not sleep until 11.30), shower and  since I dont have to work until 12, I would take advantage of my morning to go to the Market to buy fresh fruit and veggies, mainly because I ate everything in my fridge on Sunday.

Once I return home, I would drink yummy coffee (not instant) and eat a delicious breakfast. Then it would be about time to head to work. So I would walk a leisurely 10 minutes to the Institute and arrive 5 minutes before class.

My planning classes will not be awkward and we will actually do something. Then in my break, I would  read a book or study Spanish (not run back home because you forgot something for the next class). Then continue on to have a great class where the students all listen intently to your lesson or activity.

After school, I might go for a quick tapa near by and then return home to either: edit my photos, write in my blog, go to the beach, read a book or some other constructive activity. Then I would go for a run and run as far as I can and not get bored. Afterwards, I would make myself a healthy and complete dinner (Not crackers and sobrasada). Later at night, I might go out or I might just stay in.

The Ideal wasn't today, but I did shower before work.

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