Monday, January 24

Theme of the Week: Decisions

Ewww... Everyone that knows me, knows how I hate decisions. Easy decisions like what to eat, when to sleep (usually) are easier to make. Especially easier when faced with bigger decisions, like -->

Usually around decision time, I am a queen of procrastination. My room is now spotless (ish), I studied Spanish for an hour, folded my clothes and organized my desk, and now even writing in my blog!

So the few of you that actually read this, want to help me out with a few?

Decision Number 1: Job
Deadlines are coming up for reapplying for the next year. For everyone that doesn't know, I am a Language Assistant at a Secondary School in Almunecar, Spain. I will reapply because I dont have a clue otherwise what to do with my life, and I do need another year (at least) of Spanish to get really good. So good that I might be able to beat my sister in a Spanish Speaking Contest (like that would EVER happen).

On the application, there are three choices: Stay in your present school, Stay in your autonomous community (aka Andalucia) or Go somewhere else in Spain. 

If I choose to stay at my school: I already know many of the students, teachers, policies, etc and I like them all. BUT, the town is very small so I would probably live in Granada. 

If I choose to change: I do get to experience other cities/areas of Spain. But might end up in an even smaller town and I do like the playa.

Decision Number 2: Ahora
Connected with the previous decision, what to do now. Should I move or should I stay? I am lazy and only have a couple months left here that I could spend getting into shape (procrastinating on running by blogging), studying Spanish and enjoy the beaches- it is getting warmer. 

Or should I suck it up and move up to Granada. Which will take lots of energy.

Decision Number 3: Summer
Aww, the Summer. I am hearing horror stories from residents of Almunecar. The heat, the humidity, the heat... We will see if I can handle it or if I am even here TO handle it. 

Summer decision requires finding a job: potentials in Europe are au pair or English Language camps (if anyone knows of any openings, anywhere! Send them to me). Or I could return to the States and do something there- maybe State Fair again. Then another activity I have been pondering is a 10 day meditation class in Italy... but I doubt I could do it. 10 hours a day, for 10 days, without talking... hmmm...

Now I am going to get ready to run (with more clothes on than in the picture- its 13 C and very windy)


  1. Aww! Ok, here's my 2 cents...(not that i truly believe it's going to help or anything).
    1. Stay in Almunecar for the rest of the year- you already have a place, friends, the beach, ect and will save money on commuting to school and the hassle/horror of searching for a new place.
    2. For next year...I would suggest being adventurous and opting for a different city, but still within Andalucia. Andalucia is the best! And you wont be far from a beach no matter where you get placed. All the bigger cities here are you know...
    3. For the summer...I can't help you much. Wouldnt you need to go home and re-apply for a visa? Although the meditation camp thing sounds...amazing.
    buena suerte guapa!

  2. I'm with Kim on just about all of these. Unless of course I end up in Madrid, then you should come up there with me next year. But who knows if I'll even be in Spain still...

  3. I feel like I can't tell you what to do one way or another. Only you know what it is that you need. I think it's great that you're going to go for another year, though. Hopefully that means that this has been a rewarding experience so far and, presumably, will continue to be one. BUT, you should make a stop in London during the summer, if nothing else. I hear it's beautiful here in the summer and I will have nothing to do except write my dissertation and drink beers with you. Also, quit your complaining about 13˚ weather. It's 4 here. And it's -14C at home. Blergh.