Tuesday, October 26

El medico esta en el cactus

Today, after nearly three weeks of a cold, I got the guts up to go to the doctor. I had my insurance card and information book in hand, I google-mapped the location of the office and I set out. But I got lost. I found 9 Carrera de la Concepción and 2 Carrera de la Concepción, but no t3 (which was what I needed if you couldnt have guessed that). I asked for directions in the candy/snack hut nearby and he said, "El medico esta en el cactus." Or I thought he said that. After my blank stare and a hoarse cough, the snack man grunted and led me to the doctor. It turns out the building's name is Edificio del Cactus. 

Now the next leg of the adventure. I went into the Medico to find two very empty room with some really loud classical music playing. My bedroom back home was bigger than this place. I wander through, knock on the open office door, look at the doc's medical books, examining room (more like a closet) and then decide to wait to see if someone comes. After 10 minutes, I get bored, decide to go deal with my phone and then come back. After 30 minutes, I return, and amazingly, the doctor is in. Nice old man, spoke slowly and clearly for me, enjoyed saying "correcto" after everything I said (even after "buenas tardes"). But he gave me a prescription, told me to eat three fruits a day because that keeps the world healthy, and in 7 days I should be good. Yay!

Weekend Update: Last weekend I went to Malaga again. Met up with Amy, Roxann and some other people. First night, we made fajitas (the Mexican in Spain way), then hung out at the hostel. The next day Amy, this other auxilare Kim and I went to see cloudy Marbella (has the richest mile of coast in Spain), ate some tasty pastries, drank tinto de verano on the beach, rejected the numerous Asian women selling massages, then ate wayyyy too much for lunch (fried food!). Went out with some authentic Spanish guys but headed home early (for spanish time). On Sundays, many of the cultural activities are free so we headed up to the Alacazaba in Malaga. Beautiful views! Now I feel out of breath (I know I typed this and didn't talk), will go make a crepe for dessert and then go to bed! I shall leave you all with a few pictures. Enjoy!

Churros con chocolate with Roxann, She got to go behind the counter!
Empty Beach in Marbella 
Westerly view from the Alacazaba

The chicken curry I made yesterday - Delicious but not spicy despite me accidently dousing it in Chili Pepper (says something about the Spainish idea of "spicy."

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